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7’s To Burn slot is a 3-reel jackpot-rich game with 5-win lines and an exciting range of features. This game is piping hot, and players at 888casino can enjoy it on mobile (Android and iOS devices) and PC. It’s time to blaze a trail to jackpot central with this sizzling-hot jackpot slot, right here at your favourite online casino.
7’s To Burn
7’s To Burn
Crank up the AC, and grab yourself a nice cold one because 7’s To Burn is a fiery game. This classic slot game is served up nice and hot, and it’s peppered with some blazing symbols and amazing jackpots. There are just 3 reels with bars, oranges, cherries, lemons, and of course 7’s To Burn. You may want to keep the fire department’s number on speed dial, because this game is raising the mercury.


7’s To Burn is a classic slot game. To begin, simply select your betting stake and click the spin button. You can choose your steak by clicking the green +, or the red - on the left of the screen. The minimum steak is 0.10, and the maximum stake is 500 per spin. Once you’ve made your bet selection, click the green spin button on the bottom right of your screen.

There are many additional features on this classic slot game, including the Hi Roller option which displays the 7’s To Burn wild symbol during Hi Roller games. You can choose the Hi Roller option to spin 5 x Hi Roller Spins by clicking the yes or no button on the Hi Roller screen. Slot players can enjoy 7’s To Burn at 888casino in a demo-play mode, or a real-money mode. Simply complete your registration to get started.

The game is under license from Real Time Gaming (RTG), and players can customize some of the settings by clicking on the info button to toggle the sound on/off. The help button displays the standard game awards. These include the following:

  • 3 x 7’s To Burn pay x 250
  • 3 x Double 7’s pay x 100
  • 3 x Bars and Stars pay x 40
  • 3 x Watermelons/Bars pay x 20
  • 3 x Pomegranates and Lemons or Oranges and Cherries pay x 8

The 7’s To Burn symbols are wild and substitute for regular 7’s to form winning combinations. During the Hi Roller games, the awards are different.

  • 3 x 7’s To Burn pay x 125
  • 3 x Double 7’s pay x 50
  • 3 x Bars and Stars pay x 20
  • 3 x Watermelons/Bars pay x 10
  • 3 x Pomegranates and Lemons or Oranges and Cherries pay x 4

The big difference comes in with the 7’s To Burn which are wild and substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. Since there are only 5 win lines, players can win on horizontal lines on each of 3 rows, or diagonally from top left to bottom right, or top right to bottom left. To get started with the Hi Roller round, simply click the button and 5 x Hi Roller spins will be activated.


7’s To Burn slot winning combinations must form on played lines and consecutive reels. Wins pay from left to right, and only the highest payout is made per line. Cumulative wins will be added together to the total win, and malfunctions void all plays and pays. Each spin is independent of every other spin, courtesy of random number generators. The maximum payout in any game will not exceed $125,000, but this figure may be unattainable in a single game, given the current betting configurations. To exit the game rules, simply click on the left of the screen.




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Gamble Feature, Hi Roller Feature

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